My vox feedback thread

They are pretty much humans who can’t breathe oxy but MAN they are so good already.
I only have a few things to say about vox:

  • Sprites are hella buggy (this probably will be fixed for tomorrow).

  • Vex could use more traits, being permanently on life support is a MASSIVE drawback which does have it benefits but if your mask is stolen you may pretty much be perma dead if you don’t notice it so they may need some extra love.
    Pd: i don’t mind oxy being REALLY poisonous and in fact i would even say it should be buffed a bit.

  • Vox should start with a syringe, a water bottle, a empty cup for grilled nutrients and of course they emergency oxy tank inside the emergency box.

  • Nutrients may need to be nerfed because when you inject them it instantly fills you up to the max.

And that would be all. I really love these birds and i can’t wait for see how they will be improved (also i want more creatures at need to breathe specific gases, it gives more gameplay to atmos)

I disagree with the nutrients being nerfed because, one, why? two, it’s how the reagents work. The only reason why food have a delay is the same reason pills also have a delay in the codebase. Pills and food gets digested after more or less 30 seconds.

I like the trait, maybe something like moths being able to fly in space? It is a bird species right?

It would be an impressive feat for a vox to not notice their Internals turning off, considering that they get a HUD alert within 4 seconds. They also have a backup mask and tank in their Survival box, assuming they did not throw it away.

Also note that once a mob goes into crit, IT STOPS BREATHING. A vox entering crit will be in the dying state for just as long as a human, whether they are in an oxygen environment or not

As far as i know the Vox seem to be wingless so that probably won’t be a thing.
And i just realized at i forgot to mention at stuff like “nutrient soup” can permanently fill your stomach to the max no matter what species you are (idk if this was fixed but it clearly still is the best “food” in the game). Nutrients are simply completely broken since a long time and i don’t know why.

I didn’t know at you stop breathing while crit. That doesn’t really make the strategy of removing the mask worse though. you can use this for put the vox player into a difficulty situation. For example you could steal the mask and then follow up with a assault using a esword for quickly put the vox player into crit thanks to the extra poison damage or just trap them somewhere, wait until they collapse, drag them somewhere and then minibomb the body. It is a pretty damn big weakness (and i like it).
Also i think vox may not even spawn with a backup mask since they already spawn with one already equipped (and even if they do i think almost everyone will still throw away the extra mask anyways for get that 1x1 extra storage).

I pointed that out because it means vox who crit from oxygen will NOT be round-removed, as (most of) their post-crit damage will be airloss

They do too spawn with a backup mask. If players decide to throw it away that’s on them

A burger have around 15 nutrient. Adding more than that will prolong the food status. But you should try eating till you’re full and try to assess it again.

Psst, try drinking alcohol too

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I will be honest. I think they shouldn’t spawn with a second mask on the emergency box (mostly for consistency since all the other species spawn with a single mask, if they want more masks they can always take one from a random emergency locker anyways).

Wyci moment but perhaps vox mask that allows eating and drinking while being worn? Syndies totally won’t hunt em for it every now and then. :godo:

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