MysticPhantasm2 admin application

Ingame Username: MysticPhantasm2
Discord: MysticPhantasm
Characters I play: Mary (main), Muffin (new character I made for engineering), whatever drone tag I get.
Hours played: Steam says 200+, I will say 150+ gameplay, 40+ observing trying to get map layout and watching people to get a better idea on things to do.

Hours per day: at the moment, 8+. Dont have much going on until school next semester.
days available: every day. 

Prior admin experiences (unfortunately not really verifiable): A few G-mod servers that have long since closed down, mainly jail breaks. Mod experience in Twitch, even temporary mod status to help ban follow bots. The twitch streamers I modded for stopped streaming, so the only verifiable one I have is AstraPlaysGames. She is the person I asked for modding to help clear 60+ Follower bots and she can verify that. 

I was in the military for a few years so monitoring people to make sure they are doing their job so I don’t get in trouble is kind of engrained. 

Admins play numerous roles. Main thing admins do is monitoring for rule breaking/RP breaking both in and out of character. Moony had to turn off OOC numerous times because of some questionable topics. One of the main things is following up when someone reports an issue to see if they are breaking a rule or not. Sometimes things aren’t what it seems and self antag complaints could just be a “cried wolf” kind of a thing. I am sure some of the a-helps I posted about a fishy situation was just misinformation on my part. Patching updates to the server and doing server restarts is another big part. I am unsure if this is a role every admin has, or if it is only certain one since access to data like that can be dangerous. There is probably some other aspects I cant quite think of and every game requires something a little different with admins but trail admins exist for a reason. I think I catch on quick with learning things and how to handle situations. The biggest part is knowing when to use certain tools, when to step in and ban or just warn someone that they are being stupid. I am meticulous and will make lists of those I warned so I can catch on repeat offenders very quickly.

I do enjoy the current role play status, I wish there was some servers that were a little heavier role play. I am sure the future will bring that though, right now play testing is a bit more important than “realism”. My biggest complaint is the self antags, which isnt the admins fault and is the reason why I am applying. More eyes, less likely they get away with it.

The main reason I want to be an admin for SS14 is to help reduce self antags. It is one thing to test a new mechanic in a game, it is different to just try to make a singularity because you think the game went on too long. One of my favorite roles is a drone and you see a lot of crazy stuff. I have caught a few self antags, messing with atmos/AME/PA because “they got bored”. Did a-help on them but still, would be nice if I can follow up on certain things, and if I catch someone doing something shady I can ghost them the next round and go from there. I dont mind needing to stop playing mid round to just watch someone self antagging if need be. I do know that being an admin means that I most likely wont be able to play the roles I want to play. 


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