N/A - Robocakes: Contesting a ticket - 2023/08/31 - Round 32264

I am asking for this remark to be stripped from my name and permission to revert “Milk mills” to her real RP name which is just “Milk”.

seeing names such as “Maxipoo” convinced me to make this appeal and request for the name “milk”.

A bit about Milk

Milk started off as a cat girl I made after subscribing to Yogstation in ss13, The admins watched me for a few days and spoke together, allowing me to keep the name.
I decided to make her simple in ways that she speaks in Third person and is what some people may call slow

(I have used the word Ret*** before (Got a ticket for it) since I never saw it as slang or as rude, But these days apparently people say otherwise)
Anyhow, I made her that way so I Could have fun playing her, get into silly scenarios and confuse people when they asked “Who is milk?” she would respond “MilkIsMilk”

After a while of playing as Milk I developed lore for her, that being she was cultivated from a petri dish and expired milk, that having formed a human type entity. Casual science stuff.
(Noone knows this side of the lore) - Milk then went on to be a subject for cloning in the labs but something went wrong and the machine malfunctioned, causing a reality warping event that send one milk into each and every multiverse, oocly thats how I get her from server to server. -(Noone knows this side of the lore)
Eventually the event that spread milk out over the multiverse

There was some event created that pinned millions of milks against each other with one survivor but thats for a different server.

her iconic name and interesting attitude to life its self which balances on the line of tider | bumbling moron making her way through the shift, came from al lthe RP I Developed with her, from the insanity of TGMC, to the tiding in TG, CM13, FO13. She has been to all the ss13 servers, even having been to SS14 the frontier station (before they nerfed a fun way to get money)
Sometimes she has moments of clarity, she has been getting alot smarter since she was Mutated into more of a human (calming down so I dont get banned for having fun) rather then a cat girl but she is still milk

This complaint has been rejected.


  1. The incident occurred too long ago to be the subject of a complaint of inappropriate staff conduct, and the complainant does not appear to be asserting any staff misconduct. The scope of the complaint appears to be solely in regards to the usability of the IC name “Milk”.
  2. Current admin team consensus is that “Milk” is not an appropriate full name for a human character on our LRP servers.
  3. The appropriateness of other names the complainant has seen players use is not within scope of this complaint. Other players regularly use inappropriate names and need to be contacted about them, sometimes even for extended periods before being noticed. Our naming rules are more flexible for non-human species, which could be an explanation for having seen similar names, but they are not so flexible that “Milk” alone is likely to be allowed even as a non-human.

Resulting Actions

  1. A question about the appropriateness of the IC name “Milk” was presented to the admin team, along with the complaint, resulting in finding 2.