N slur ban appeal/apology

SS14 account username: Execute
Ban reason: n-slur. Appeal on forums.
Date of ban: I don’t remember
Length of ban: Permanent
Events leading to the ban: I have left wizard’s den for a while and I join back to this ban message telling me I said the n slur. I don’t exactly remember the events leading to this ban, since it was quite a long time ago.
Reason the ban should be removed: I don’t usually say the n slur, like I said before. I’m not a racist person, but for whatever reason I said this word, I’m sorry. I like this server and I want to play on it again. It’s not common that I see servers with all upstream features available. I would also like to be unbanned to meet my old friends from when I first joined. I acknowledge that there’s consequences for my every action, and I will never make the same mistake again.

The admin team has decided to accept this appeal.

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