NeatVisor#4225 - Banned For Posting a Meme

Discord account: NeatVisor#4225
Date of ban: 8/30/2022, don’t know the exact day
Events leading to the ban: Before I was permanently banned, I posted a meme about a Gartic Phone session. The meme was about a troll face animation getting progressively more deteriorated and satanic, with the players laughing in the background. The meme was posted after other people typed in “no memes in general”, and one other person on the server also posted a meme about something that I don’t remember. Before that, I don’t know what happened because my memory is quite fuzzy since it’s been a while. However, I do think I was roaming around other servers and seeing if they had updated their game.

Reason the ban should be removed:  When I posted the meme, I thought the people that were typing in “no memes in general” were insulting moderators as a joke. I also don’t remember seeing a “meme” channel, or maybe I was just blind, but I thought they posted memes in general. Anyways, when the other person posted a meme, I then thought that it was okay to post a meme in general too since I wanted to be funny and joke around in the conversation. However, what I didn’t expect was to be instantly permabanned from the server, without knowing the reason for my ban. Note that I joined the server a while back, without saying anything in the server either. I joined the server so that I could get some useful in-game knowledge on how the game works and it’s game mechanics. When I joined in on the conversation, I didn’t remember the rules that well, mainly because I don’t check on the SS14 server that much and my memory sucks at times. So I didn’t remember the rules either in the conversation, however; I will thoroughly check through the rules if I’m unbanned after this since it’s an obvious mistake to not think before you type. I do think that I’ve repented enough for my ban from the server, and I also don’t quite know the main reason for my ban.

Administrator consensus is to accept this appeal. Your discord ban will be lifted.

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