Nerdlord600 MetaComms

SS14 account username: Nerdlord600
Ban reason: MetaComms
Date of ban: March, 18, 2023
Length of ban: It was appeal ban
Events leading to the ban: I was playing with my friend on a discord server, and people were curious on what game what we were playing on, I was going to stream to show what game we were in, when my computer had suddenly got overheated and couldn’t play the game freezing my whole computer in the process. I had to let my friends know that’ll be off for a bit to cool off. Surprisingly, when I came back they let me know I was still in the game while my computer was shut off. So I logged back on and here my character was already dying or being revived by the people who were helping me. Seeing my friend telling the people that to stop reviving me. After getting stable I said ‘thank you’ and was heading towards evac when I got banned along with my friend. 
Reason the ban should be removed: I am sorry that I wasn’t aware that this was considered Metacomms, This is really puzzling when we were all having fun. But It won’t happen again.

Administrator consensus is to accept your appeal. You will be able to play again. Please do not engage in metacommunications in the future. 

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