new antag idea made by an unqualified person

so i was sitting in my room, building my gunpla and listening to synthwave (as one does when you got nothing to do) and i had an idea for an antag that would (in my opinion) sound fun to play and bring something new to SS14 i may not be a game dev or coder, or even someone who understands “BALANCE” too well. but as it stands this is only and idea,

Very Self Explaintory, think the borg. their goals are to convert EVERYONE to the Hivemind they’re kinda like zombies except can talk, hold items, and coordinate. however Borgs can spot the hivemind if they ever use Binary. they have 4 classes with two Primary which as follows:
unable to move on its own, however has access much like a ghost and can see from each player and coordinate where they need to go or do. kinda like an AI (sortve), and will be the main coordinator for the entire group. requires decent gameplay in the class “Converter” to play. The CCU will generate Nanites faster or in higher numbers depending on the Perks they choose to pick on round start (like how nukies do it when they want gear) allowing the converters to replenish nanites in order to get their job done
CONVERTER: 250 Nanites
there will be 2-3 on Round start if the antag is rolled. their job is to convert the station to the Hivemind and cant wield any weapons or use two handed items (due to one of their hands being the part that converts crew into Drones/Assault/Soldiers/Tanks or other converters) they arent very tanky and can be quite easy to dispatch which means they must stay  around the Queen/CCU and act as security/defence. converters have a resource called “nanites” which dictate what class they convert a crew to. they start with 1000 nanites and can resupply from the CCU and continue their work, they can also use Nanites to build walls/doors/defenses/Fabs to keep the CCU safe from anyone who wish to do them harm or to supply the Hive with Weapons and Equipment
Drone: 100 Nanites
Basic grunt unit. all round basic and cheap to turn crew into. No armor, no built in weapons, but gets access to both hands and pretty mobile. think a greytider but they no longer need to breathe air to steal shit.  however grunts can be upgraded by Converters into more specialized classes like the Assault, Soldier, and Tank. the main goal of a grunt is to get crew members to converters, weither the crew want to be converted or not is not up for debate.
Soldier: 500 Nanites
basic Soldier unit. you’re frontline and Expendable soldier! they get both hands but have the movement speed of someone using a hardsuit/satchel combo. they’re not TOO slow but are quite slow, the soldier unit can request Firearms  from a “Firearm Fabricator” and armor from a “Armor Fabricator” these units are primarily what you’d want to make to make sure whoever knows where you are isnt going to report it, or to keep the security forces at bay for awhile. Soldier units also have a “Body Mod” menue that they can go through to change themselves up to have Internal weaponry or better survivability at a cost. however these Mods wont be much better than what they can just fabricate from the fabs but allows soldiers to specialize when need be. albiet not too much

Assault: 750 Nanites
Armed with a Heavy shotgun in their left arm and some extra armor to make them more durable. they’re the “First ones in last ones out” Immune to Flashbangs and Stingers but slow due to the extra armor. assault Drones (as i like to call them) are really just to be your “security needs to fucking die” class and are to be made in light numbers due to their cost on converters they’re slow. REALLY slow (think “i forgot to turn off my mag boots and have to walk to medbay”) but they’re good for breaking into places and turning people into corpses in a pinch. they are a sort of “middle of the road” between a soldier and a Tank. assault also can “swap” their shotgun out for a semi automatic Battle Rifle esque weapon that allows them to do more damage if they’re EXTREMELY accurate. or even a sniper rifle that allows them to one tap non hardsuits but this sniper rifle has VERY little ammo and takes ALOT of nanites to rearm.

Tank: 1000 Nanites (VERY EXPENSIVE)
the tank is well…a tank. they have, and i quote “A Rotary cannon” in one arm (a L6 with a bit firerate and spread) and a heavyduty bulletproof shield in the other, these units are JUST as slow as assault class but can soak alot of damage, they are however not invicible and can be taken down with well coordinated focus fire, the tank can go into “Stationary Defense” mode and allows their cannon to have better spread but they’re unable to move, they are however pretty much unkillable from the front as their shield will be automatically deployed (and this shield CAN break with enough Pounding) due to their emense weight they have tracks for legs and are a HEFTY price for what they dish out, tanks however CANNOT be spammed (sorry not sorry) as there is a limit of 2 tanks for the entire round meaning a converter cant just mass produce tanks like its 1941 in the soviet union tanks however can also “Shed their armor” for a speed boost but also means they lose their shield and all the armor bonus they get meaning they’re now a glass cannon (and can die VERY FAST) this speed however lets you go “Gundam Thunderbolt” on the enemy and ruin someones day if you’re robust enough, did i forget to mention your cannon can overheat? rendering it useless for a set period of time?

seems interesting, similar to blob from ss13 in some kind