New race

Hello everyone again!
I have another idea for the day. 
As an option, add a new race: Orc. 
“”"“How will it be different?” - you ask, and I will answer: “His skin is green, he himself will be bigger than an ordinary person. Also, he will not need to use a crowbar to open a de-energized door, he will open it with his hands, though 2-3 times longer. He will not be able to use a crowbar and he will have to open all the doors with his hands. He will also have rapid regeneration against burns, stab wounds and blunt wounds. There will be more damage in a fist fight, but what will be the disadvantages? If his pulse is worse than green, then he falls unconscious and waits for regeneration to the green or blue pulse level. Alternatively, when the pulse level is green, it will be slowed down. He has a very weak immune system, which is why he will be highly unstable to diseases, viruses and infections. Also, when depressurized, he will not last long, he has a strong dependence on oxygen, and he will live without oxygen 2 times less than a person.”
I probably answered all your questions. Therefore, my speech ends, good luck to everyone!
P.s you can write in the topic how you can improve or balance this race :3

cool idea


This is kinda (part of the abilities mentioned) got implemented in another server thats not wizden related, nyanostation14, the race was referred as “Oni” if I recall

But yea pretty cool idea