Nextonal - Zero Tolerence language

SS14 account username: Nextonal
Ban reason: ERP in chat.
Date of ban: I do not remember. Possibly a couple weeks to a month ago.
Length of ban: Indefinite
Events leading to the ban: To my memory, I was an assistant named Deke roaming around the station playing crappy midis when I had walked up to cargo, and asked the tech if they have “sex mechs”, and that I had wanted to bang robotic entities. I don’t think it was anything else after or before.
Reason the ban should be removed: I think that it was just an out-of-the-blue comment that I had made and that I tend to say stupid shit that gets me in trouble, its something that I have been working on, I sincerely apologize for what I said, and on top of it being a dumb thing to type, it recently hit me that minors play on this server as well so I will be careful not to type stuff like that again.

We do not tolerate sexual content on our servers. We would strongly suggest you take more time to read the rules when you play next. This appeal is accepted.

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