Nine999_99 ban appeal (stealing a janicart and murdering someone

Username: nine999_99

banned role: mime

date of ban: 1-st of march

duration: 1 month (30 days)

Events leading to the ban: I stole a janicart and hit the musician a few times

reason why ban should be shortened (not removed cause I know I did shit):

CakeMaestor (the guy that gave me the roleban) stated that I stole janicart for no reason and tried to kill the musician, I wasn’t trying to kill the musician but hit him a few times, and I think I did on overkill on times I hitted him, and I stole the janicart to make a bug that happens when you place a invisible wall while buckled to a secway/janicart (it starts twitching or some other word, sorry English is not my first language), I promise I am not gonna assault pepole (its how it’s called I think?) cause they pied me, I honestly don’t know what was going tru my head at that time.

Note: I only got banned cause I asked it from cake, he originally wanted to give me a warning 

The admin team has decided to accept this appeal. Please keep the following in mind while playing:

  • At the end of the previous round, you said in OOC “mime about to create the biggesyt mess janitors ahev ever seen just because cargo didnt approved her order”. Don’t harass or target players across rounds for actions in prior rounds or for actions outside of the game. Rounds should be treated as independent of one another, you should not be disruptive to any player, department, or the server as a whole, because of actions that occurred in a prior round.
  • Don’t use exploits or external programs to play, gain an advantage, or disrupt the round/server. Exploits include any bugs, glitches, or otherwise seemingly unintended behavior, especially ones that disrupt the game or give you an advantage. Don’t use the mime wall janicart bug. As you are aware, it is a bug.

Both of these are partially copied from the rules. If you were not aware of these or may be unaware of other rules, please  read the more detailed version of the rules at

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