Nivlac- i said a slur as smile

ban reason: racial slur 44480

length: only removed by appeal

Events leading to the ban: i was ghost role smile with cognazine and i said the n word as i knew i didn’t matter what i said because it would come out as “blmuf” i must reiterate it wasn’t directed at a specific player or by using the Asterix to make it visible

Reason the ban should be removed: it didn’t actually come out as the n word so i didn’t hurt any players feelings and i feel its needless to say but im never going to do it again also i have spent atleast 100 hrs in miros and never broken a rule before so please consider my request, on my life i will never step out of line again

Due to your attempt to evade your ban, you are banned indefinitely. You may appeal your ban, but only at least 6 months after your last ban evasion attempt, and only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server.

A voucher of good behavior should be obtained from a well-known or decently active SS13/SS14 server. If it is a mainstream server, we recommend using that server’s admin-help to ask for a voucher from one of the administrators explaining that you are trying to appeal a ban on SS14’s Wizard’s Den and want to show you have been a problem-free player during your playtime on the server. A voucher should be indicative of at least a few months of play. If the voucher is not from a mainstream server, let us know and we will figure out a way to verify it.

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