Non-Antag crew taking PDAs/IDs

Non-antag crew can generally loot bodies as long as they do not steal syndicate objectives off of people, eg. captain’s lasergun, captain’s spare ID, QM’s digiboard, and so forth.

However, there comes a problem when non-antags start stealing PDAs or IDs off of bodies. Not only does stealing those remove the owner’s ability to access their department as well as the rest of the station, but the non-antag thief might also deprive the owner of their Uplink, should they have one. Therefore, non-antag crew shouldn’t steal PDAs/IDs off of people unless it is absolutely necessary, such as during emergencies.

An example of what when it would be appropriate to take a PDA/ID off of someone as a non-antag would be to drag the owner’s corpse out of a locked area, should they be trapped inside. The owner of the PDA/ID should be given their PDA/ID back after the emergency.

None of this applies to catatonic players as we do not count those as players.