Nooby416 - "shooting a fellow security officer without reason" "leaving during admin help"

SS14 account username: Nooyb416
Ban reason: “Shooting a fellow security officer without reason, leaving during admin help”
Date of ban: 2021
Length of ban: was originally 2 years but is now until appealed.
Events leading to the ban: all I can remember is I shot a security officer stabbing me then left the game after an admin froze me in place
Reason the ban should be removed: It has already been 2 years and I have learned from my mistakes

would also like to ban appeal another ban from the same month that was for having a duel with shards of glass with a clown, length was also for 2 years

why I feel i should be unbanned, because I wont be engaging in a glass shard fight any time soon again lol


Your ban was applied, at the latest, 07/07/2022. 

I would like to direct your attention to these logs:




If you want us to consider this appeal at all I suggest you put a lot more effort into it.

this is bringing back some memories, funtimes, so what should I do to get unbanned?

lol it was fun to roleplay as an insane person though that was before I actually read the rules thoroughly and I learned from my mistakes since then

Actually, upon further investigation, it looks like you admitted to being born in 2008 after being a complete salt mine in the discord. I suggest you wait until you are 16 years of age and re-appeal, and more than likely have a voucher of good behavior with you seeing as you blatantly tried to lie that it had magically been two years since you have been banned.

This appeal is denied.

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