NotchMon - Being a ass / Using sec officer job to cause harm

SS14 account username:  NotchMon
Ban reason: “Being a massive ass to other players using their status as sec officer to steal clothes and spam flashbangs, history of similar behavior.”
Date of ban: 02/26/2023
Length of ban: Ban will expire on Sunday, March 5, 2023 12:33 AM UTC.
Events leading to the ban: I joined the station circa 30 minutes after the round had started.
First thing I did was getting into a save room cause I get a Pizza  delivery in real life and did not want to get ripped off or killed while i was AFK  it was the Detective bureau, Detective appeared and told me to leave and so I did (one handed, while I was paying the Pizza guy). I just walked to the next room for same reason.
It was the Lawyer’s office, I took a few paper sheets laid them down in front of me so it would look like I was doing Paperwork(hoping I was not looking like AFK’ing,so I can get the Pizza thing done), also a black Lawyer coat did appear behind me(thru the air vent ? I honestly don’t know because I don’t know how the Station mechanics work, I did not really think about it, tbh ) I took it on(Maybe not the smartest decision).
The Lawyer appeared and asked me what am I doing, I told him I am here to secure the room and do my paperwork till something happens(Knowing that ((normally)) not much crazy stuff will happen that early into the round ).
He was not happy about this, but also did not give me enough time to Answer him properly(then the Detective appeared also).
The Lawyer quickly pulled me to the Security area, we ended up in Hos office.
He told the HoS he detained me for “Wearing a Lawyer coat” and HoS told him that it is not illegal to wear it and dismissed him.
HoS told me that we always should wear our Sec gear only because the people on station have to recognize us as security.
I agreed (and took a notice in RL, as always if I get told I did something wrong in game).
I took off the Lawyer coat and went to the Prisoner cells area.
From then on I was standing in front of a cell with  a person named “Justin” in it (If I remember it right,maybe he was prisoned shortly after I got there, I can’t recall it exactly).
Another Sec guard appeared, went into the cell, beat up Justin, went out of the cell and called for a doctor ASAP.
Justin was just laughing and only laughing as a response.
Lawyer showed up standing next to me.
Shortly after a sec guard was getting into the cell, Justin tried to escape, I used the flashlight, he got detained and brought back into the cell(happens right in front of the cell).
a sec guard asked me to “Beat up Justin” I told him that I can not do someting like that he have to do it on his own.
(I will always try to solve problems with the last amount of harm possible)
a little after that the same thing happens again (Exactly the same).
After that I saw there was a fight left to me, I again used the flash the sec guards detained a person.
sec guard told me I did a good Job (this happend twice).
The Lawyer was still there complaining about being flashed.
Detective showed up, showed me Fingerprints and related paperwork as evidence against Justin.
Shortly after that another fight started next to me, I took a few steps and was killed immediately(still not knowing who/what killed me).
Someone put me into the Med room in front of the prison cell I was guarding(the one with Justin in it).
I waited a few minutes trying to figure out what actually happened.
It looks like no one will bring me to Medbay, so I got offline, took a shower, made myself a coffee and rejoined the server, only to see that I have been Banned. 
Reason the ban should be removed: I never intended to be a “Massive ass” and I did not “steal” anything.
If I get it right then a ban should always be the last resolution to a problem(pls correct me if i am wrong about this).
There are many ways the Lawyer(or the person named Justin) could have solved the situation,
first of all talking to Hos, as far as I know, he did not.
Next would be taking me to Court, he also did not.
Then there is LOOC, again, he did not.

In hindsight I think I just could have offered him the opportunity to get Security glasses,
or I could have used LOOC myself to check if something is going very wrong in his opinion.
I did not steal a thing nor break into his office and also I was not an ass.
I will always try to find a way to get problems solved and, from time to time, do something wrong as any other human, but one can talk and I will always listen, willing to learn.
I am still learning.
For the flash, I can only assume that he thought I was flashing him (and only him), maybe he did not know that it would flash the whole area(I did think so also the first time I was getting flashed). And maybe I get a little nervous and hit the flash twice (in the same second), I am not perfect and I got a bad Keyboard, so tbh, it may happen again,
I try my best that it will not.
Last time this happened I explained myself to an Admin (I was new to the job and nervous).
I have a second screen with the “server rules” and “space law” open next to me, at all times(again,cause I am still learning).
Playing the security jobs is not easy and has a high risk of pissing people off(especially if they are new to the game and do not know how things work) at least in my opinion.
 (Actually I am a little bit happy this happened, cause now I know there is a Forum and I learned how to post in it, and maybe I will figure out how to record my play sessions to prevent situations like this in the future.)

Sorry for my bad english, I am not a native english speaker.

Thank you for your time.

We apologize for the delay. The reason this ban was more heavy-handed than usual was due to incomplete information gathered from the logs. This appeal is accepted and I have removed your ban.

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