OfficialDankMeme - MRP Rule Break

SS14 account: OfficialDankMeme
Character name: Zion Stephenson
Type of Ban: Server Ban

Date of Ban and Duration: 11/27/2022
Reason for Ban: You are not whitelisted.
Server you were playing on when banned: Salamander
Your side of the story: A syndie clown had made himself known on the ship. As HoS I immediately availed myself of a weapon, do to level of danger possible. Warden went non-lethal. A 30 minute chase ensued, whereas the Captain, HoP, Warden, and a Bartender were all involved. The Clown was captured once, removed of all items, and proceeded to escape. Another 5 minutes of chasing and they were recaptured. After the clown had been captured, I asked once on radio for execution, no response, then asked captain directly, and was denied. They were brought to perma and properly held detained for the duration. During which time an empty implanter was needed to remove the storage implant they had. The clown repeatedly tried to escape cuffs, near constantly. During which two threats were made by the clown, that one, the brig was not enough to hold them, and two that I “would see” (or roughly along those lines). I responded in kind. With threats of death. I never seriously intended to murder the clown, they were already in custody. I just spoke as I felt instead of acting. The clown continued to try to escape cuffs. Originally I used a disabler to stop them. I stopped that because there are better options. I then started using the disarm option, which I was under the impression stopped them from uncuffing themselves. I was then contacted by admin.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I do not believe I was allowed to give my side of the story nor do I believe I was properly explained the reason for the ban. I also was not given an “Official Ban Reason” to post here, it simply says I am not whitelisted, even though I was. I was told I was abusing prisoners, which again I do not believe I did, however even if that was the case, I thought that was an IC issue, one that could be very easily corrected. I just won’t do what I did again, even if I believe it was incorrect, I am not an admin. 
Anything else we should know: Mistakes happen. If I made a mistake, I am completely amenable to correcting the issue. Which I have on two occasions when another admin has explained to me another rule I broke, I promptly corrected the issue, without a ban. I myself have actually ahelped several people on Lizard, and received positive feedback on some issues, so I thought I had a decent handle on the rules. I am not just looking to start a fight. 

To clarify the punishment here, you have been given a week ban from Security roles and have been given a week un-whitelist from the MRP server, salamander. You would not be prevented from connecting to other Wizard’s Den servers.

Thank you for the clarification. I have been reviewing some of the other ban appeals. The instructions said not to glorify yourself to the admins. In my post I don’t think I did. I will say this though, I see you have handled several of these and seem fair and balanced. If my appeal is successful or not, I plan to take a few days to myself as, admittedly, I have some anger issues and I tend to take things as a personal attack, a lot. I sincerely enjoy playing on the Salamander server as the Lizard server became too much too handle and several times I ahelped people, who should rightfully have been ahelped, but without taking a second to cool down. That being said, again, successful or not, I plan to take a few days for myself. I just didn’t want a ban on my record.

I was the syndie clown in this case, and I just want to add a bit more context here. I don’t want to weigh in on this, just give any extra information I can.

One, I never purchased or obtained any lethal or less-lethal items or weaponry. The only contraband I had was a stealth box which was confiscated by the HoP, and the chameleon suit. I never entered any secure areas, excluding one time I entered the HoP’s office to piss him off a bit, then left. While I was absolutely a confirmed traitor and was flaunting it, I never hurt anyone or even defended myself while engaged in combat. I did absolutely and intentionally evade arrest for a really long time, though.

Two, my vague threats of the brig not being enough to hold me and such were plays to try and keep me out of perma, which I definitely wouldn’t be able to escape. I also never had a storage implant - another play to keep me out of perma as long as possible, or at least not left alone where you’d figure out I was safely locked up and had no further tricks up my sleeve.

You’re welcome to ask for further clarification on my side of the story.

Hey OfficialDankMeme,

We’ve talked this one over, majority opinion believes this was a slight over-escalation of an IC issue. We would strongly prefer that you do not immediately try to seek executions for non-violent (albeit evasive) syndicate agents, especially on MRP (even if the detainee was being as uncooperative and annoying as possible). The opinion of the administration team is to re-whitelist you, but we’ll keep the temporary security roleban in place for the remaining 5-6 days.

I will handle the whitelist shortly and you should again be able to connect to Salamander. Have fun.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals