SS14 account:  OldDanceJacket
When was the ban: 3/21/2022
Server when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: Pretty sure it was in-game but that’s splitting hairs at that point.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Simply took things too far and it won’t happen again, would like to just be unbanned so I can get back to playing and learning how to code slowly. I think outside of this incident I’ve been pretty active and reasonable with things, but I’ll apologize for how I acted here–I actually didn’t know about my ban till the day after, and remarked about how I should wipe my current list of characters, disliking the traits I was attributing to them and how I had acted previously. :v

Please talk about what you did specifically that was wrong. This is a pretty vague appeal. I had to look up your ban reasoning to see what you were talking about.

This is a pretty direct response appeal in-reference to the ban message presented as reasoning? I don’t see what’s particularly vague about it, but here I’ll clarify.

To my understanding, because I don’t have the direct one for one of what I said:
As I was being beat, cuffed, and dragged off, I told the captors to hang themselves and to blast themselves repeatedly the entire time. I don’t think I said it in ghost chat and it was exclusively in-game but even if that’s false or true, it’s still out of line and again I apologize and won’t have it happen again.

Rest of my initial post still stands, if there’s more that you want from the appeal to make it less vague, or anything else, feel free and I’ll oblige. 



We decided to let you back in, though just be aware that others play this game too. 

Appeal Accepted

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