OneBadDuck - Discord shenanigans?

= For Discord bans =

Discord account: OneBadDuck#1584
Ban reason: Unknown.
When was the ban: A year or two ago? IDK just noticed that the server is not in the list of servers.
Your side of the story: I don’t even remember what the block was for. Did I say something political? A friend of mine can’t even find any messages from me.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I mostly use the server to discuss new updates like every other user, dunno.
Anything else we should know: IMHO Discord has major issues with ban notifications and appeal options

Any news?

You appear to have been banned before we updated our logging system so I’m trying to find more details on your ban circumstance.

That was incorrect. You were banned four months ago for reacting to an image of a transgender flag with a poop emoji.

What’s your response?

I did what? LOL, such a childish naughy move from my side, ngl. (or maybe I was angry at that moment for you ditching out ukrainian flag from your server’s avatar, unlike UnityStation that still includes it with lgbt flag, I don’t remember really, sorry for my silly goose brains)

What’s more funny is to get permabanned for a little silly reaction emoji. LIke is it 1984 year? :eye::lips::eye: ?

Jeez, alright then, no more funny stinky smiley poop emoji :monkey:, if you get so offended by it so you send people permanently to Banzil ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (It’s not that bad here actually, but at least make the wall see-through).

Ah, and yeah, sorry for that mischief. if it was really that offensive (Who knew? Not me apparently). Yeah, personal sorry for everyone that got offended by discord smiley poop emoji that I reacted with my silly pinky. Next time I’ll ask permission from moderator team, if I’ll feel funny. Stay chill’n’have fun!

We’re denying this appeal at this time.

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