Panzer - Bridge shooting

SS14 account username: Panzer
Role(s): every security role except lawyer
Date of ban: dont know, over a year
Length of ban: permanent
Events leading to the ban: First and foremost, I have been playing for around 40 hours at the time, so I knew the rules of the server, it is just an usual ss14 round on the LRP server, I decided to become a secuirty ( officer I think ) for this singular occassion and its going great untill we find out the random mode is traitor and we have syndicates among us, we decide to start searching around and find a clear syndicate with a laser pen and stuff, at the bridge being helped by the captain, we tell the cap hes a syndie, cap acknowledges but states he will not allow him to be jailed, sec and HoS gather to take him, we take him but cap escorts him out of jail and to this point everything is fun and enjoyable roleplay.After this, we as sec gather a very " intelligent " plan of arming ourselves with automatic shotguns and assault rifles and gunning down the entire high rank, I personally at the time got into the moment and took arms too, but when I reached bridge and flashbanged, I realised how stupid this was, and just decided to randomly shoot rather than murder them all. Then I saw captain trying to run away so I ran after him and beat him with the stun baton ( didnt know you could just click at the time ) and cuffed him, admins banned all the other sec and when they came to me they realised I hadnt done much, but I still participated so I got banned too.
Reason the ban should be removed: Overall, I agree with the ban, but it being perm is a bit too much, but hey I can appeal. I have seen my mistakes and acknowledged them to avoid any further such mistakes and I havent actually done something extremely bad like killing them, but rather just participated yet I still agree on my ban as it made me learn my mistakes. But atleast this showed me my love for head of science and botany :slightly_smiling_face:.


Please make an appeal on the account you were banned on.

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