Paul - Akkiller12

SS14 account: Akkiller12

Character name: Deacon
When was the ban: 15 minutes ago on server Wizard’s Den Spider [EU WEST 1]
Your side of the story: As the Head of Security i was quite busy often on maintaining order, it got quite chaotic when players near the bar started making a mess and people were slipping over the spilled liquids, i slipped aswell and lost my taster,gun. My taster got stolen by the person i arrested later on and was the person that reported me to the admins and the other guy i never caught that took the smg. i got annoyed by this ofcourse and when i detained the person that filed the report to the admin, when i told him on numerous occasions to stop trolling around and uncuffing himself/escaping that he did twice, when i left him alone for a bit to check outside matters i arrested another guy with a gun and talked with him and the captain but he told me that it was ok for him handling the gun, when the detainee entered the room and was like suprise im out again while he should be in jail in the first place i took him back to his jail cell again and after multiple times of trying to uncuff himself, not listening and trying to escape i got quite annoyed and killed him because i had many other people asking for help and chaos around the station to settle and he was just wasting unnecessary time.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I was in that game from the beginning helping many people out as Head of Security, you can verify with the players i was playing with in the server, arresting and maintaining peace on the station and getting banned because of one player ignoring security and just do what he wants to do as a result getting a ban on maintaining order would be quite regretful.
Anything else we should know: When i was in the chat with you i would atleast finish my coversation with the attending admin or atleast give me a notice in chat if i get a ban instead of suddenly seeing the ban notice that would help a lot.

Lets start at the easy to answer stuff. I didn’t cut off the convo, or didn’t give you enough time to explain yourself since everything I see here i was also told when ahelping you.

Now onto how you play sec: This is a role-playing game, in a somewhat-science-fiction setting. While ss13 is going for a somewhat distopian future, i’d be hardpressed to think a cop quickly offing someone because “they had to deal with other people and they were uncuffing themselves” would be acceptable.

If anything, it sounds like sec might be a bit too much for you to handle. I’d recommend picking jobs with less responsibility. Getting overwhelmed isn’t a reason to kill someone, ESPECIALLY not for the spiciest part of what you did, which i totally forgot up until now: you hid the body.

Sit out the 3 days, the ban was justified.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals