Paytor_404(not english and slurs)

1.(not english and slurs)
3.Russian Russian servers I got tired of I decided to play on English servers portraying a foreigner sometimes they speak in Russian I didn’t beat anyone didn’t behave aggressively just ban for being Russian
4.unfairly given a ban yes I am Russian but why was I banned I didn’t break any rules
(some kind of racism towards Russians)

And I didn’t insult anyone


what does this mean (seeing as I do not speak russian)

Native English speaker here, Here is my translation:

(note only lines in Russian are translated)

  1. Glory to the SSSP! (Note I believe it is a play on the USSR, see the Union of Soviet Socialist Planets they mention later) (also anywhere CCCп is in the text it is SSSP)

  2. And engineers, too.

3. Fucking bitch, F-slur! (Yeah this is why I decided to translate this, to point out this no-tolerance rule)

  1. (Heт means no)

  2. I’m from the Soviet Union of Societ Planets.

  3. Im from SSSP

  4. And I’m a communist

  5. My name is Mikhail Bun

  6. Hi

Most of the final messages are just mundane RP and IC stuff, again like to point out the 5th line from the top #3 translation. Also if he considers the F-slur not insulting anyone I say they can stay off Wizden Servers :slight_smile:

-Hobo out



we already had a rough translation on hand so I was really just curious of the blatant lie that was going to be told

appeal in two weeks

From Rejected to Ban Appeals