Perma-ban Appeal [soapy100]

SS14 account: soapy100
Character name: Sir vival
When was the ban: 4th April 2022

Server you were playing on when banned:   Wizard’s Den Lizard[US WEST}
Your side of the story:  Threw a grenade in the med-bay without being an antag, received a 2 day ban period. Tried to evade it by logging in with an alt account.

Why you think you should be unbanned:  I’m a new player who got introduced to ss14 via a friend. Just started playing on the day of the ban hence unware of the ways of the community. I did read the rules but i did not think they would be enforced so stringent. I threw a grenade in the medbay, a scientist told me to do so. I really want to play the game therefore i decided to try log in with an alt account and recieved a perma ban. I’m really sorry for my actions and i deserve a chance to be able to enjoy the game with the other players. However i completely respect the decision taken whether in my favor or against it by the concerned authorities.

to return, what value do you bring back to the community? Was your ban unfair? Justify it.

I will try to be more responsible about what i do in the game from here on. Yes, my ban was unfair. I’m a new player and should have been a given a warning rather than a permaban.

Anything else we should know:  Content with what i have written so far. Looking forward to hear back ASAP! have a wonderful day to whoever is reading this appeal.
appeal, include it here.

After your behavior in discord, No.
Try again in a week.

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From Rejected to Ban Appeals