Perma'd after dickhead brother gets back at me for stealing diet coke


SS14 account: Dude_
Character name: Varg Vikernes
When was the ban: today - around 20:35 GMT
Server you were playing on when banned: US West
Your side of the story:  Older brother (well aquainted with ss13 + ss14 alike) decided to get back at me by doing something rather deplorable which stands against everything I live for by saying some real crap on comms which went under hate speech as I learned when returning to my pc I was banned, I can understand your agitation as I have been warned before but I promise that I HAVE READ THE RULES and that my brother is a dick, I can’t really understate that one. The dyslexic bastard was sitting in his chair all smug when I came back to my PC and I see that he typed this bs into announcements. I hope you can overlook his mistakes and I will punch him in the testicles the next time he tries to fuck up my personal stuff. Like, he’ll wake up infertile. 
Why you think you should be unbanned: Wasn’t even me who done it, and I sincerely apologize because I’m not one for hate speech at all, as I’ve been a victim to it. 

SS14 account: Dude_
Character name: Varg Vikernes
When was the ban: Tuesday - around 20:35 GMT
Server you were playing on when banned: US West (even though I live in the EU the server was void of people)
Your side of the story: Go afk for a few minutes and my brother decided that he’d get back at me (reasons stated in previous appeal that went unseen) and to my surprise, a comms announcement stated by MY CHARACTER stated some absolute batshit about whites being worthless in chat (the tripe he’s been consuming on social media) and at the time, it drove me up the wall, because something so petty lead to something deplorable from my point of view.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I am well aware of the repercussions of hate speech (I’ve been a victim of it myself) and loathe it with a burning hatred, what my brother did was wrong and I will be more considerate so he doesn’t lash out as much, but sadly, sometimes I can’t help it.

Anything else we should know: My brother is diagnosed with autism, dyslexia (dysgraphia too) and ADHD and doesn’t think the same way I do which leads to him getting emotional over the slightest things, the way he acts out are cruel but petty in the grand scheme of things and after all, he is still my brother. I do love Space Station 14 and I’d be devastated to have to let it go permanently for something I, myself, didn’t do. Have pity on my brother and hopefully some empathy for my situation.

At the time of the first post I had an aggressive tone, due to the headrush of anger after I was excluded from my favorite game, I will repent and I plead for your forgiveness as that was wrong of me.

I merged the new ban appeal you posted into your old one.


Alright, I’ll keep that in mind, I apologize for any inconvenience. 

I lean no on this

So your brother was the one who made the comms console announcement, but you were the one who named your character “Varg Vikernes”?


From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals