Permanently banned for naming myself Powerful ZOG + (A grade shitter) on Discord

Server: Lizard-USW

Ban Reason: “Openly bragging about being a shitter”

Ban Date/Duration: 08/172022 Permanent


Okay so hear me out.

It irks me to hear the word shitter its like some nasty main stream slang seeping its way into my life like the shit from the busted sewerage line out the back of my house. Unfortunately Zogging gets mistaken for shitter behaviour way to often. You see Zogging has a some set rules such as if a sec officer try’s to search you during non code blue at the start of the round you don’t comply and run away as to not have your maints sawn off shotgun confiscated. although not breaking any rules these basic Zog priority’s don’t often coincide with those of other players and lost for words and angry players will often refer to normal Zog behaviour as a shitter like behaviour. I have put together a small collage to demonstrate the level of Zog directed hate.


In all seriousness I don’t think I broke any rules prier to this ban if I did please enlighten me. I got no warning to change my name on discord I never gloated in chat about it I just named myself that because I get called it a lot. Cant get a ticket that’s unachievable for me I’m AU and the delay on ss13 is right foul its like 2 seconds admins you done me dirty.

Zog Zog never out right did damage to me but he is a bit difficult at times :confused:

you’re a bit of an ass in game and are in fact a shitter

now here’s the trick
we don’t want shitters, rule 1 exists, and line toers get rule 0 denied.

as such, Denied, voucher only. You must get a voucher of good behavior from another ss13/ss14 server to appeal.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals