[Pickles] - [Role ban evasion]

Ban reason: I evaded the ban on sec causing me to get a perma ban
Length of ban: Lifetime.
Events leading to the ban: I was not looking for big server’s, I didn’t want a massive rp but still low rp if that makes sense. I, wanting to help the station saw there was no sec. So I took up the job. I did this a couple times over.
Reason the ban should be removed:  I understand what I did was wrong, I have read the rules over again and I found that that is not acceptable and I wish to help the station again, If you would like any more information on the subject please respond to this. I thank you for reading this

Thanks - Pickles.

From Ban Appeals to Game Servers

Processing appeal

Your Game ban for taking security roles while role banned has been lifted and the appeal accepted. You should be able to log into the game again without issue.

This does NOT cover the roleban. I recommend playing some other departments for at least 2 weeks and then posting a separate appeal for the roleban.

Overall thank you for playing ss14 and enjoy the game moving forward

Added appeal-accepted, appeal-server-ban and removed appeal-pending

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