Pixelated - Banned because of sharing a connection with a banned user

Ban reason: Banned for sharing the same connection as “KakauDakau” (a banned player)
Length of ban: voucher ban
Events leading to the ban: So basically he got banned and now needs a voucher and 5 more months to appeal (was 6 but 1 month passed), because he was banned before and evaded the ban
Reason the ban should be removed: So since he’s banned I can’t play, I’ve also done an appeal a month ago and even though my account remains unbanned I continue to hit the ban of a certain individual, which is why I have a proposal/question. Is it possible that you could unban him (which would mean I could join) and since you’re able to see the IP of a player who joins (atleast that’s what I’ve been told), if you see anyone else join with the same IP as my account (my account is called “Pixelated”, I don’t use any other), then you could use the IP ban or whatever (I made sure he won’t try to evade the ban until he gets the voucher and appeals but still). The idea might be a little ridiculous but I really like the game too much to wait 5 more months and I have nothing to lose by suggesting this so I did. So just tell me your opinion on this if it’s possible or not.

What you’re suggesting is possible from a technical perspective. There are multiple ways we could allow you to connect while still attempting to prevent the other player from connecting which we considered while discussing your last appeal. The problem with all of the methods we considered is that each would make it easier for the banned player to evade their ban. We’ve made accommodations for players hitting other bans in the past, but it’s much rarer for this to happen when the other player has attempted to evade their ban.

Incase you’re curious about one of the issues with your proposed solution, it would require us to manually monitor connections from your IP address, which is a significant workload that’s unreasonable to place on game admins. The workload would only become more significant when you consider that, for fairness, we’d need to be willing to do the same for other players in the same situation, potentially resulting in game admins having to regularly manually check many different IPs for ban evasion. We do have better options than the one you proposed, but as I said earlier, unfortunately they have their own issues.

I’m glad you like the game, and I’m sorry that you’re unable to play on Wizard’s Den servers, but hopefully you’re not in the same situation on other Space Station 14 servers. Our bans on the other player don’t apply on any servers other than Wizard’s Den servers, so you might be able to find another that you enjoy to play on. Just to be clear about your Wizard’s Den ban status to anyone else reading this appeal, you and your account remain unbanned, but unfortunately it is likely that you will continue to hit the other player’s ban when attempting to connect to Wizard’s Den servers

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