Players not getting antag banned for breaking antagonist server rules

There’s a portion of server rules that certain unnamed player(s) are not being held accountable to. Can an admin clarify whether repeat murderboning in the same exact methodical manner round after round (every time one gets antag status) is against this rule or is this rule not enforced?

  1. Antagonists have a LOT of leeway with everything in this rule as they are designated by the game to cause problems. Antagonists may kill/sabotage as they see fit and do not have to escalate conflicts as normal; however, if your behavior degrades the experience for majority of the server you will be told to stop. The following things can sometimes be considered crossing the line even as an antagonist, especially when done for multiple rounds:
  • -Massive station damage (ex: singularity/bombing) which does not serve your objectives.
  • -Widespread atmospherics sabotage (ex: plasma fires, venting atmosphere)
  • -Wanton and widespread murder for no purpose while making no move to pursue objectives
  • -Holding the round hostage by shuttle-recalling
  • -Widespread sabotage (power, electrification of machines and hallways, etc.) which severely reduces the station’s quality of life for no purpose

Your post is vague in the exact context of what this murderboning constitutes and the circumstances in which it is performed but I will try to answer this based on my personal viewpoint (other admins may have other viewpoints, the rule is subjective in nature).

Antagonists are there to create conflict within the round. They are, by nature, allowed to steal/murder/damage things. Murdering many people becomes a problem when it starts to “degrade the experience for the majority of the server”. There is no definitive number of people that must be murdered or other metric that can be used to determine if this has happened; it is up to administrator discretion of they are going out of their way to degrade the experience for the server.

Killing a random person or two is fine in my eyes as you are a bad guy by nature. It sucks for the person being killed, but that’s the nature of the game. I personally begin to pursue this rule when antagonists are killing people and hiding bodies without really having any goal in mind other than to kill more people, or extending the round’s duration to a significant degree while making the round not fun to persist in (ex: shuttle recalling, massive power outages, and no concrete progression towards objectives shown).

I find a lot of players have interpreted this rule as “murdering random people is strictly forbidden” which isn’t true. Naturally this rule is more of a problem the more frequently it occurs. We try to address it but it can be difficult to definitively string together a series of incidents that are out of line to illustrate problematic behavior and it is difficult to determine if it has “degraded the experience for the majority of the server”.

Again, this is mostly my own viewpoint and the viewpoint on this rule is somewhat subjective according to the ruling admin. If you have a distinct and chronic problem with particular unnamed player(s) I would strongly suggest you ahelp it next time it happens.