Please add this for the chaplins holy book.

So the chaplin is a very heavy RP role and i was wondering because they are meant to preach why don’t we have something similar to what cyborgs have with the laws of robotics that we can just press a button and it will say the law in local for example.

Now i would say in the book it would have access for 5 quotes that are editable that once saved you can press in local instead of having to constantly type it out this would help with the RP aspect of a chaplain specially for those who have dyslexia like myself that the misspelling might ruin the RP and as there is no spell/gramma in game it feels rather OOC if i have to alt tab to just copy and paste the phrase from a text document.

gonna drop a wyci

what does wyci mean?

Also its meant to have “checker” after spell/gramma.

4 hours ago, Kaligath said:

what does wyci mean?

When you code it