Please unban me :( 2.0

i am appealing for HOS the length of the ban is forever perma. i haven’t played ss14 in a long time and i accidently got HOS  but i still did  my best to play the role and somebody was telling me a guy was a tarator but i didn’t believe him so i went on in the game and later we both died from the tarator and after he was shit talking me and saying things like “you shouldn’t play hos” and “you are the worst hos” and i said “i had fun at least” and he said “well you made other ppl have less fun” then i had to get off and the nexts day im baned from hos. i think i did nothing rong and I’m constently playing sec roles and i think the ban was unfair i have ben banned before for the right reasons but I’ve learned and I’ve gotten Beter so please unban me from hos :3

Please read this post and use the template in it for your appeal:

Since this is your second time being told to use the template a third non-template appeal will probably result in the removal of your ability to post appeals.

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