Pocopotato- Self-antagging

SS14 account username:  pocopotato
Ban reason: Setting off a plasma grenade in med and then killing myself and leaving before I could be contacted
Date of ban: June 16 2023
Length of ban: Until appealed
Events leading to the ban: I was captain and it was a pretty uneventful round. I was a little drunk and I had to log off so I forgot I was supposed to contact an admin and instead just thought I should find a sort of storyline like way to kill myself instead of leaving my body SSD. I basically set off a plasma bomb and when I was revived I just went out into space and died, thought nothing of it and logged off.
Reason the ban should be removed: I do know the rules and I’ve never done this sort of thing before. I wasn’t thinking right and didn’t take enough consideration into the other players experiences that I ruined. I thought adding some sort of dramatic death for myself would have spiced up the game but realistically that wasn’t my decision to make and was a very bad decision to make. I’m sorry for partaking in this sort of foolish behaviour, especially as an important role such as captain. I now realise I’m in the wrong and will put my all into making sure this doesn’t happen again. I also know I’m not in the place to ask of this but I’ve played many shifts as captain, and I’m able to do my duties correctly and well, I just hope this doesn’t end up in a role ban.

We will accept this appeal.

Please don’t try to cause a bunch of destruction just because you happen to be on your way out of the game. It creates massive problems that everyone else now has to deal with. This ban will be lifted.

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