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Hello id like to submit a complaint ageinst Polartundra for this case: https://forum.spacestation14.com/t/fishbait-x-salamander-51906-sexual-content-said-that-sucks-thats-what-she-said-cumpoltion-secound-recent-offence-lying-in-ahelp-claiming-typo-when-the-context-of-the-situation-was-sexualy-expecit/7812

the ban appeal got closed due to no replay.
complaint is about acusing me of lying in ahelp. and making the punishment longer then what i was informed about.

thank you for your time.

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Are you claiming you did not lie in the ahelp, or is the complaint about the lack of information regarding the extension of your ban?

its bouth.

  1. i diddnt lie.
  2. when i was informed of the ban i was told id get a 2 week ban.

Thank you for your complaint, it has been accepted.


  1. PolarTundra is a trial admin.
  2. The complainant held some questionable remarks in chat, causing them to be aHelped.
  3. It is not unreasonable for an admin to contact a player for the comments that the complainant was making, nor was it unreasonable to apply a ban.
  4. The complainant claims that they did not lie in ahelp. This specifically refers to the ‘cumpoltion’ typo, as stated in the ban reason.
  5. Headmins have convened, and have determined that a typo like ‘cumpoltion’ can not be proof of lying in aHelp, despite the context.
  6. The complainant claims they were missing the information regarding the extension of their ban.
  7. Despite the extension, the ban is within the ban policy’s expectations.
  8. It is reasonable for the complainant to be upset about the lack of a heads up for the extension of the ban length.
  9. PolarTundra was shown the aHelp as part of their training a few weeks prior.

Resulting Actions

  1. PolarTundra was made aware of the complaint.
  2. Due to finding 9, no further action was taken.

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