Pspritechologist - Unclear (mirrored?)

Discord account:  @pspritechologist

Date of ban: Over two years ago.

Events leading to the ban:  I had been banned from the Wizard’s Den servers back when they were effectively the only place to play, and managed to get it appealed shortly after. During the time between the ban and the appeal, Nyano had begun to grow in popularity and I had been playing there enough to not play on Wizard’s Den much at all when the ban was lifted. I spent some time as an Admin at Nyanotrasen during its rise in popularity, but some time later was banned from the server and Discord (a part of which was personal conflict with some higher ups there) and this ban was mirrored to the Wizard’s Den games servers as well.
Quite some time after all this occurring, I posted a question relating to the game’s development in a contributor channel, got some feedback, and the next time I looked I had been banned without so much as a comment.

Reason the ban should be removed: To start, I have no intent of appealing the game bans right now, this is solely about the Discord. Even if an appeal is not considered, I would simply like to at least open a discourse about it, as these bans were not only a long time ago, but without any discussion, reasoning, or warning. I have no idea what the usual procedure for Discord bans is, but I would like to believe this was not it.
I personally am aware that several members of Space Wizard’s staff are not fond of me, though for what reason I’m not certain. I’ve spoken to very few of them, have absolutely never caused issues with any of them, and for the most part seem to have gotten caught up in a lot of stuff. I’ve seen comments made about me that I can only think are wildly unwarranted, and I know members of other servers have spread a dislike of me that has reached a number of people. Overall I would like to think that I have been an active and generally friendly member of this community, and not someone who has ever started drama with pretty much anyone. I have the entire Parkstation community (high and low as that’s been) that would likely vouch for me being ‘generally pretty cool’ and a suite of people I’ve only ever tried to interact with positively. 

So, basically what this is is me starting a dialogue with effectively any member of this server for the first time about any of this. I am perfectly happy to discuss any subject, and would appreciate nothing more than being given a chance to be spoken to.

Your ban cannot be appealed.

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