[Qhaecretes] - [Enlisting as SEC when i was Job banned from it]

SS14 account: Qhaecretes.

Character name: Kashwojr Qhaecretes

Type of Ban: Both game ban AND Job ban.

Date of Ban and Duration: This was permanent, both game and job i believe.


Reason for Ban: enlisting as SEC while job banned as SEC

Server you were playing on when banned: “Wizard’s Den Lizard [US West]”
Your side of the story: Ill be honest, it started from the job ban. apparently i was “looking for a reason to arrest someone an cause trouble”. i wont deny that i was looking for reasons to arrest people, but i used to think that was what SEC was supposed to do. it had to do with a chef and him butchering monkeys. i at first thought that was a pretty good reason to detain someone, killing monkeys and such. But then i was told how there wasn’t alot of food sources and that they had to eat anything they got. i understand getting a job ban, but getting a permanant one? it was one offence misusing SEC, i think thats a little harsh. when i was told i was getting job banned, i thought i was also going to get kicked. but i was not, i was just continuing to play as sec for the remainder of the round. i took the monkey incident as a lesson and tryed to be a better sec officer. for other recent rounds i was getting a liking to Detective but looking back i realized that detective bypassed the SEC job ban, therefor at this time i completly forgot about the job ban due to the lack of immediate/obvious consequences liked getting kicked. in the round i got game banned however i thought i was doing a very good job at being SEC, another admin was questioning me about an incident in where i had to intervene in 2 people fighting in where one was accused of being a Syndie. i was telling them about about the situation and i was being pretty cooperative, but then they realized that i was jobbanned as SEC, and then immeidiatly banned me permanently from the server. once again, i completly forgot that i was job banned from sec. i dont blame the admin for doing their job, but she could have been more generous with the ban time. i am asking to be Unbanned from the server and SEC. i promise i will learn from these mistakes. read the rules, and not mess things up.
Why you think you should be unbanned: ive only recently started playing this game so the convictions of what is acceptable were not known to me at this time. i only ask for second chance to be allowed in and be a responsible SEC
Anything else we should know:  Again ive only recently found out about this game a week ago or so.
appeal, include it here.

13 minutes ago, Qhaecretes said:

i dont blame the admin for doing their job, but she could have been more generous with the ban time

I appreciate the attempt to use correct pronouns here, but for the record, I use he/him.

Your play as a security officer in the round where I banned you from the game resulted in a person being permanently taken out of the round because you did not do your due diligence at any point- be it searching for contraband, or asking for help- when arresting a suspect. I was going to let you off with a warning when I checked your jobbans and your chatlogs to discover that you had no business playing security officer anyway. The first thing you did when you joined in was go to HoP’s office and get a transfer to the department you had been banned from.

The jobban framework exists to prevent players from ruining the game for other players. I cannot speak to the round you received your jobban, but in the round where I banned you, you permanently took another player out of the round due to incompetence. That, by itself, is not ok. But it was not an insolated incident, which means you received a permanent ban because you demonstrated you cannot be trusted to follow the rules and guidelines you were given.

This appeal is for your game ban. Your security ban will need to be appealed separately if this is accepted. They will not be lifted at the same time.

okay, i understand. i will do it when the appeal is made. assuming my appeal is accepted.

Also, when the person was dragged out, the one i saved explained to me that the one they were fighting was a syndie. however by the end of it they were already dead.i told a janitor to send them to a morgue. perhaps i should have cloned them, but it just never crossed my mind. Besides, if they were really an undercover syndie agent, i didnt wanna risk them escaping again. i wouldve also watched over them if i wasnt myself also badly wounded.

Preferably, id like to be un GAME banned. ill just deal with sorting out Job ban afterwards. if i can. 

Hey Qhaecretes,

I’ve looked over the circumstances of this ban. I was the admin who originally handled your job ban from security due to at least two separate instances where you were actively picking fights with the crew for no/petty reasons. When I initially job banned you from security roles, I either neglected to job ban you from Detective, or Detective was not in yet. In either case, I can see where it may be confusing as to if you were fully banned from security or not and I do not fault you for joining rounds as Detective when you were not banned from it.

I do take issue with you trying to sign on with Security while job banned from it. It should go without saying that trying to circumvent job bans in this manner is not appropriate and will land you with a ban as it did. 

For now, we have decided to  accept this appeal  and un-ban you from the servers. You will  remain job banned from all security roles, including detective , until you can demonstrate that you won’t try to evade those bans and that you can preform your duties without needlessly instigating fights or making up reasons to arrest the crew for non-criminal offenses.

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