[Qhaecretes] - [SEC jobban appeal]

SS14 account: Qhaecretes

Character name: Kashwojr Qhaecretes
Type of Ban: job ban
Date of Ban and Duration: weeks ago i believe
Reason for Ban: not playing as sec responsibly. looking for reasons to arrest innocent people.
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard [US West]
Your side of the story: there is no my side of the story, i was banned from SEC because i wasn’t doing my job responsibly.
Why you think you should be unbanned: During the time i was job banned, I tried and did my best as other roles like CMO. I was banned from SEC for a reason, and i deserved it, but i now think I’m ready retry and try to be a better Sec then i was before. ill do investigations and all the things SEC roles should do. i wont use lethal force if i dont have to and i will try people with reasonable times and give them access to lawyers. If you believe im not ready to retry Sec, thats fine. i only want to prove that i can TRY to be better. and if rejected, ill come back once I or you admins believe I’m ready. ill try to be patient.

Anything else we should know:  no.
appeal, include it here

Hi, I was the admin who initially handed out your permanent security job bans. The primary issue I have with you playing security is you seem to lack a sense of escalation and restraint which is expected from head and security roles. The driving force of your ban was you intentionally trying to pick fights with crew over non-issues to provoke an arrest and, as you put it yourself during ahelp, “wanting to cause trouble”. 

Just for anyone else that handles this, you are currently banned from the following jobs: 

Captain/Head of Personnel -  Extremely inappropriate communications console announcements as one of these roles. I am surprised that you did not catch a fullban from this one.

All Security Roles (Head of Security, Warden, Detective, Security Officer/Cadet) - As previously stated, intentionally and willfully trying to instigate fights with the crew over non-issues. 

You also have a prior role ban from head roles for greytiding as the Chief Engineer a month ago, which has since either been repealed or expired. It’s only been about a week since your appeal has gone through and you have been unbanned from the server for evading your Security role ban by obtaining the job from the HoP’s office. You also have a note from yesterday (August 2nd) about attacking or murdering AFK players.

All of these facts considered, I myself would rather wait at least another month before I trusted you in a command or security capacity again, and only if you have an exceptionally good track record of behavior.

Okay, harsh but understandable. Is there any specific things that i can do to prove myself worthy of playing these roles? Any things that I have done but shouldn’t do in the future? I’ve only been playing this game for around a month or so and i really do want to redeem myself so I can play these roles. the time I was as Sec was really fun and i don’t want to get banned over another slip up that I didn’t know was not allowed. ill make sure to read the rules but I’m not sure what you want me to do other than that

You’re on some seriously thin ice for evading your security job ban in the first place, and considering that I caught you evading it because you were doing a poor job playing security, this is not something that we are going to entertain right now.

Keep playing. Stay out of trouble and behave. It helps that we know you genuinely do mean well and were not trying to grief, but currently you need some more playtime under your belt. Reappeal in two weeks.

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