[Qhaecretes] - Sorry for to bother, ill make this quick

Hi its me again. a few months ago i was banned from playing on official servers for a series of mishaps and strikes, and because of the frequency I was told to appeal in six months. I’m not here to ask to let out earlier, I will do my time. However I have lost track of when I was issued the time and would like to know how much time I have until I will be able to start playing this game again.

Don’t worry, I wont be bugging you to keep asking when. This is more of a ‘now’ thing as you probably have actual ban appeals to respond to and I would really like to be looked upon more favorably.

May I be given a specific date with how much time/ how many more months I have left?

Please and thanks.

All of these can be answered by referencing your previous appeal, which can be found on your profile. I’ve gotten the link for you here.


As a reminder, you will need a voucher of good behavior from another server to appeal your ban.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals