Quackhead Ban Appeal

SS14 account: Quackhead
Character name: I dont remember
When was the ban: Winter 2021
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizards Den Lizard [US WEST]
Your side of the story: I was playing on the Server with my friend in a Discord server. I never use discord for META Gaming or anything just to talk to friends about interests and  things. \
I dont Play space station for the main objectives like traitor i play it for the role playing and experience the community has to offer. My Friend 
got banned for hitting a someone after an admin told him to stop. I heard about this so i asked about it to the admin. After asking about it i was told i was using discord to 
gain an unfair advantage in the game and banned before i could even make a case for myself. I wasnt doing anything like that we were just talking. I didnt orginally know i couldnt do that so i was shocked for such  harsh
Why you think you should be unbanned: I think i should be unbanned because its been months since i played and i would really like to play on the server again. Ive learned what
Ive done wrong and will not do it in the future. This game and community has brought me hours of fun and entertainment. I dont think my ban was fair because i wasnt using discord to meta game but i do understand why i was banned. 
I bring a good personality and im always willing to help other player new and og. 

Anything else we should know: Thank you for your careful consideration:)

We make it pretty clear that metacomms, such as talking via discord or any other external means, is not acceptable in our rules. It is good that you realize what you did was wrong, and I agree that you have been banned a sufficient amount of time. 

However: You’ve also admitted to not having read the rules, by saying you didn’t know you couldn’t do that. So, while we wait on another admin to weigh in here, I’d also like to verify that you understand them if we turn you loose. 

Ban was infact 20th January 2022 but yes you have been banned a sufficient amount of time.

Please actually read the rules when you join and if you have any issues, use the ahelp feature in the escape menu or ask in OOC or our official discord channels.

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