Quick admin question

say you’ve been banned from the discord, but all morals tell you that you shouldn’t reappeal on the discord, but you do somewhat have a single chance at redemption for the actual videogame itself,

and want to reappeal but were told to do so if you are 16 and you turn 16 in literally 2 days, and you’ve only really been playing for about 8 days worth of time now before you got banned, but don’t want to doxx yourself publically due to ID theft bots that you learnt exist the hard way when you were 7, but also really wanna play the video game, and the best way you can verify your age to reappeal is to just show the admins two pieces of evidence that you are infact, 16 years dated on this planet we call earth, with about 60 more left to go, could you infact do this with admins who request it, within EU data laws obviously.

could you?

and could you do the same thing in about a year’s time?

if yes, then perfect

if no,


apologies in advance for my glaring lack of charisma, it’s the closest thing i have to a personality aside from the near-crippling urge to simultaneously hurt people and not even hurt a fly

you’re not missing anything from being banned from the discord trust me


edit: also you don’t sound 16 at all

well i am 15 rn
in Malta time, 8 more hours to go before sept 2.

apologies if i do not sound my age i tend to lose about 10 years in how i speak online because online there isn’t the constant fear of embarassing myself infront of people i know. no offence but i literally know none of you beyond an anonymous username.

Well, to be honest admitting you’re under 16 is generally a permaban. The way I see it, figure out a way to mature online or wait a solid year before re-applying. Also, “the near-crippling urge to simultaneously hurt people and not even hurt a fly” is not helping your case at all.