Rager90 - speciesism

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SS14 account username: Rager90
Ban reason: speciesism
Date of ban: 10/4/2023
Length of ban: permanent
Events leading to the ban: 

Was roleplaying as a dwarf, got stuck in a room with two lizardman who wouldn’t let me out. A police officer got me out, i asked for justice and i didn’t get any and somehow i ended up getting arrested. I was held for a long amount of time before i was released and suffered ill treatment by two lizardman police officers, then i went to the medical bay for treatment and i refused to be treated by lizardman doctors. At this point in time i had noticed a bit of favouritism of lizardman players favouring other lizardman over myself. I was arrested again when i was telling police i wasn’t happy with the treatment i had received. At this point i tortured by the police and during this period i was banned.

At some point i did say death to all Lizardman.

Reason the ban should be removed:  Well i would like to play the game again, i didn’t read or properly understand the rule on speciesism. I was just trying to role play as a standard dwarf trope which i was encouraged to do so by the ingame scottish accent, such as holding grudges and being distrustful of others who aren’t dwarves particularly when i felt i had been hard done by. I do apologize and if you do decide to unban me i will not use any language that will volate the speciesism rule and to people the game by the rules as written.

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