Raider1200 banned for giving out items as captain and going to sleep before admin could talk to me

SS14 account:  Raider1200
Character name:  Golden-Horizon
Type of Ban: game ban
Date of Ban and Duration:  July 21 probably sometime in the morning - for 1 week
Reason for Ban: Giving out equipment as captain and being unpleasant to play with. Tried to talk to you but you logged off.
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard [US WEST]
Your side of the story: I played captain 3 times for the first time last night first 2 times went pretty well but on the third time I gave dirk (who was playing dnd with some other guys) most of the non important stuff in the caps locker for fun and to play with, and at the end of the round gave a syndie that was chill caps laser gun and disk like 10 seconds before round end because he wanted them, next for the “unpleasantness” I’m not sure why that’s there to be honest I try my best to have fun for me and the people around me so if anyone that was affected could tell me what happened and how to avoid it I would be fine with that and I apologize if I made it unfun for anyone, and for the logging out i went to sleep after that round because it was very late so I guess I missed any messages from any admins
Why you think you should be unbanned: i think i should be able to return because i personally dont see too much of a reason to have been banned and i can hopefully learn from this any try to be a better person to play with, i also have made friendships in game that has brought me many wonderful experiences that i would like to continue to enjoy, i can bring a hopefully fun experience for the people around me rp and gameplay wise. was my ban unfair? well i would say so but as ive said a little im not sure exactly 100% why it went far enough to justify a ban, and if i could talk too people (or an admin) about it and try to avoid the problems in any future situations i like would like that. to justify it i would say it would have been more fair to give me a chance to talk then just ban but seeing how i had to go to sleep and you would want to deal with any problems rejoining i understand your want to ban before questioning me or hearing my side of the story.
Anything else we should know: thats pretty much it all i can say now i guess, i would enjoy it immensely if i could get back to playing as ive started playing recently and have been having a blast playing this game and it would make me very happy if i didnt have to wait a week to play again as im currently on summer break and currently invested in this game, as ive had virtually no problems with the admins or rules before this incident im hopeful we can find a good resolution and get it fixed so i can hopefully go back to enjoying the game soon or even today if possible.

Appeal accepted.

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