Raider1200 - Role Ban Appeal

SS14 account username:  Raider1200 
Role(s): Command and security.
Date of ban: I do not remember the exact date, as I received this ban somewhere close to a year ago.
Length of ban: Appeal ban.
Events leading to the ban: I honestly do not remember anything from the round as it happened so long ago, I apologize that I can’t really add anything to this other than the ban message I got when I inquired an admin about it recently, “Prioritizing metafriends/relationships over captainship to the point of allowing them to fuck over other heads”. 
Reason the ban should be removed: I think I have grown a lot as a player since this happened, and would like an opportunity to prove myself as a competent player in command and security roles, one who will prioritize the importance of the given job over any personal opinions on certain players. I also want to apologize to the people I negatively impacted, as being in a command role I should have shown a higher level of competency and will make sure that if I get appealed I do my best to be fair to all the players I interact with while playing in a command or security role. 

There appears to be a solid track record of connections and no noted issues in recent time. These role bans will be lifted. You should be able to play as all roles again.

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