RangerTravy - RDM


“Caused a mass RDM event without any attempts to de-escalate, killed a secadet as a nonantag, and lied about not looting the secadet.”


24hr Ban 

Emergency shuttle was coming and i was diseased, people were trying to kill me for becoming a monkey and when i defended myself a huge brawl broke out.

Because I was only defending myself, to ban me is unfair.


Can you give a more detailed breakdown of the events, including how people were trying to kill you and how you attempted to defend yourself?

47 minutes ago, Chief_Engineer said:

Can you give a more detailed breakdown of the events, including how people were trying to kill you and how you attempted to defend yourself?

I was in a pod with other people and monkeys we brought along, then other people started yelling we were diseased and that they should kill us. A man in a orange hard suit was beating the chap to death so i stabbed him and the man saying to kill us. The sec I did in fact kill and i didn’t really mean to (the fighting is kinda weird to me) but i never looted him the Admins only thing against that was that his glasses were on the ground and i was dead 

15 minutes ago, RangerTravy said:

the Admins only thing against that was that his glasses were on the ground

To clarify here, are you saying you picked the glasses up off the ground or that the admin saw the glasses on the ground and just assumed you had taken them from the secoff?

Yes. I don’t want to go against the admin and say like they have no idea but I never picked anything up off a body I died right after it all happened and while my screen was white I had an admin chat open and I couldn’t do anything. 

Here is the log of you taking the sunglasses off the dead security officer:image.png

Well then I didn’t mean too, I literally died .2 seconds after the entire thing happened, or idk what happened bc my screen went white and I could hear everything around me. I have 4hrs bruh

I’ll make sure the admin team is aware of your total playtime so it can be considered when reviewing the ban.

If you look at the timestamps from the logs you’ll see that there’s about 1 minute and 10 seconds between you taking the sunglasses off the secoff and throwing them, which would indicate that you were alive for at least that amount of time after taking them.

Reviewing logs, you seem to attack at least 4 people, I’ll provide their IC names in case that helps you remember the events better. Here’s a list of your interactions with those people:

  • You punch Eddie Mcfall who later says “Yeah!” “FIGHT”. Shortly after, he hits an air vent and firelock, along with hitting you once. While this is happening you attack him with a kitchen knife, continuing for at least 30 seconds, 9 hits, after the last time he attacks anything.
  • Big Silly says “Its the wiothc doctor” “Kill him”, then starts attacking Slick Slack and then a monkey. About 30 seconds after his first attack, you hit him once with your hands. About 20 second later, you start to attack him with a knife.
  • Sayor-Vanka says “DO NOT OPEN” “THE INFECTED”, then about a minute later starts attacking a monkey. About 7 seconds later, you start attacking them with a knife.
  • Depasa-An says “SSStop that” “Thatsss enough” before hitting you with a stun baton twice. You then attack them with a kitchen knife for about a minute.

I am assuming that Big Silly is the person who you’re referring to as the person who said to kill you, but I’m not sure if that’s the same person who you said was beating the chaplain to death or if that was another person. Could you please clarify that along with providing any additional explanations for attacking the other people who you attacked? If there’s any more information you feel would be helpful to know, please let me know and I’ll try to find it for you.

Too much happening, its only a 24hr ban so whatever happens happens ig. Ill be more careful and actually try to understand lmao. Thank You for looking into it anyway.

You’re welcome. I’ve started the discussion with the admin team, and I’ll try to get a result back to you soon enough to have an impact on the ban.

Feel free to to ask any questions about gameplay mechanics in the #help channel of our discord. Also feel free to ask for clarification on any rules via ahelp in-game. We have a more detailed version of our rules available at https://wiki.spacestation14.io/wiki/Server_Rules that may be able to provide clarification for you on things you’re unsure of.

The current consensus from the admin team is to leave the ban unmodified, but I’ll leave the appeal and internal discussion open longer in case that changes.

Admin consensus has remained to deny this appeal. That said, your ban has reached its natural expiration so you should be able to play again.

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