RatherLargeGuy-Alt account abuse

Discord account: blue bruh#7192
Date of ban: About one and a half years ago
Events leading to the ban: I was chatting with people on the discord server, when suddenly one of the server’s moderators noticed that my username was oddly similar to the username of a banned user, after which said moderator messaged and asked me about the similarity. I tried to wiggle my way out of it, but was unable to, and was swiftly (and justly) banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: I believe that I have spent enough time being banned, and have learned my lesson. In other words, I no longer need to be banned to prevent issues.

Have you updated your discord username since making this appeal?

Yes, now it’s .bluebruh

thank you

You’re welcome.


The admin team has decided to not accept this appeal. You can appeal again no sooner than 2 weeks from now. In your next appeal, please be sure to address the original ban, not just the one for evading the original ban.

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