SS14 account: Dude_
Character name: Varg Vikernes
When was the ban: A few months ago
Server you were playing on when banned: US West (even though I live in the EU the server was void of people)
Your side of the story: A member of my household said something dumb, I’m the one getting fucked over for it. I’ve been called out on previous posts for jokingly having my name as Varg Vikernes, I can change it if you want, but I didn’t think the name would ever clash with anything unruly. I’m now the scum of the earth because of this name even though what my brother said doesn’t coincide with Varg’s ideals  IT ACTUALLY CLASHES WITH THEM.  I’m fairly new to the Black Metal scene and haven’t really done my research until after this ban appeal, or rather  solely because of this ban appeal.  I don’t believe in whatever my brother said (because to be honest I cannot remember it for the life of me) and I apologize for his actions. 

Additional notes: Next time I make a name I’ll check to see if it can offend anyone, I am truly sorry for any hurt feelings or broken hearts I’ve been the perpetrator of because I do, accept half of the blame, half of the reason I’m in this position. I apologize on the behalf of my brother too, I don’t think he’s mentally ready to express his thoughts on the internet as of now.


I don’t want to lose contact with Space Station 14.


i am a big fan of your ban appeals sir your truly the mandela of our generation !

Re-appeal in a year.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals