ReallyRandomGuy / Fail rp and murderboning as antag

SS14 account: ReallyRandomGuy

Character name: Reece Fiddler

Type of Ban: Game ban

Date of Ban and Duration: 2 september / permanent

Reason for Ban: ?-Asked to check other players PDA, which you know was blatant rulebreak in the past) As well as rule 1 violation for murderboning half of station as traitor. Appeal escalated to app-? (both beginning and end are off-screen to me)

Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard [US west]

Your side of the story: Started as antag engie, build ame, went outside and immediately saw other engie being a shitter (being annoying, disarming sec officer + tryna rob him, complained about being arrested), i followed him to brig, had to failrp to check his PDA to see if hes syndie or not, answer is not. After telling on radio we got shitter, i found bartender who was also syndie, we quickly cooperated, bought 40 tc crate, raided cargo for his objective (Order console + i had objective to kill cargo worker), then decided to raid armory to hide guns, found captain with protagonist syndrome, quickly killed him, found 3rd syndie with fire axe.

Everything got out of control after that

He planned to kill sec, and he raided armory too. Decided to help him because No security, No problems for syndies. After shooting sec, that fella started spacing, decied to help him a bit, killed CE hiding at HoS office (Got my objective, adv magboots), all 3 of us were in spaced hallway bridge, infected and damaged. a syndie went SSD, CMO tried to end us, but died. and 4th syndie arrived, helped him with objective (gived cap antique laser), went to med, saw like 2-3 security officers, spaced medbay. went to chem, grabbed meds and healed my teamates, shuttle suddenly docked, went to cargo for my objective, couldnt find him, round ended.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I didnt planned to murderbone half of station, and i never tried to space ALL of station. “murderbone” might be overkill.

Anything else we should know: station was lighthouse

Full ban message is as follows:


Hey ReallyRandomGuy,

I have reviewed the circumstances of your ban, as well as your record of notes and prior bans.

I’ll put it this way, your notes have a scroll bar attached to them. This is not your first rodeo on murdering the entire station as an antagonist for practically no reason, and you seem to have a habit of making yourself an antagonist when you’re not one. This is what your notes look like from April to now:

You also have a ban for instantly china-laking medical and engineering 30 seconds into a round as an antagonist and in general you seem to have little regard that you are playing a role playing game with 64 other people. This is merely your PAST behavior for the most part, this doesn’t even touch the actual offense here.

As for the subject of this ban, you have been playing more than long enough to know that PDA-checking, especially in cooperation with security, is incredibly shitty metagaming and is against the rules. Then, you proceed to go on another murder rampage. Whether you “planned to” murder the entire station or not is irrelevant if you are still the one pulling the trigger. I agree with the last note left by another administrator on your notes panel.

Unanimous decision by Wizard’s Den Administration is to  deny this appeal. Due to the scope of violations I can see here, you may re-appeal in three months  only  with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server (12-10-22).

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