Recently banned for using F slur

Ban reason: Used a homophobic slur
Length of ban: Permanent
Events leading to the ban: The round prior I had a situation where I believe that the CMO treated a lot of people unfairly. I’m relatively new to space station so I didn’t understand the extent that my in game chat would lead to to harsh repercussion however I now understand. After that round I went up to another player who was also talking about how he was treated unfairly and called the CMO the F slur while no one was around thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal.
Reason the ban should be removed: Im bisexual and this word is in my normal vocabulary, I’ve learned that to have a good experience on the server I wont use it. If theres anything to reduce the timer on the ban that would be appreciated.

okay but why did you think “eatmore cox” was an appropriate character name, you were lucky not getting banned for that immediately instead. Your behavior in-game is also extremely questionable at best.




The admin told me that I couldn’t have that as a name and it was changed immediately. In terms of the syndicate thing this guy was jokingly calling me a traitor because my name was changed from seymour cox to bean son by the admin and he accused me of having a voice changer or something, I was just joining in on it and moved on after. The monkey thing at the end was literally a monkey that was biting people and tried jumping in the chute to escape, we asked the trash guy to do a ritual with us to dispose of the body. I was abiding to whatever admins told me to do as like I mentioned Im relatively new, I’m not sure what I did other than the slur that warranted a ban however in no way am I trying to disrupt game play for other people and I’m willing to curve my actions for another chance, thanks in advance.

There are so many issues with your behavior that break several zero-tolerance rules:

  • Character name “Eatmore Cox” (both a sexual innuendo and a terrible name)
  • Sexual comments/material (naked pictures of the CMO)
  • Slur usage
  • Metagrudging (saying you’re going to find and get revenge on the CMO round start)
  • OOC in IC (telling people about admins in-game)
  • Self antagonism (talking about ritual sacrafices)

This is just stuff I can find in the screenshots provided from chat logs exclusively.

Denied. Appeal again in two weeks.

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