Recommended way to play as a group ?

Hi everyone, I’m a newcomer here, but the game has already pretty much blown me away :stuck_out_tongue: !  (I’ve known about it for a while, but the entry hurdle seemed a little high to me until a couple days ago).


Anyhow, my main question is whether there is a recommendation for how people might play as a group. Asking this for the (somewhat obvious I guess…) reason that I have a couple friends I regularly play with, and I was thinking it’d be fun to play SpaceStation-14 with them / let them give it a spin.

So I know voice-chat is forbidden (which would be kinda the obvious route to go), I guess my question boils down to whether playing as a “party” (with somewhat likeminded goals, etc.) is frowned upon / not wished for, or whether people (for the most part) are likely to be ok with that. I realise that there are a number of factors / elements of the playstyle + culture that kinda might be at odds with the idea… (I have in fact wondered whether an entirely different “gamemode”, or even project might lend itself better to playing as a group).

So, interested what people think, and I’ll probably be saying hello on the Discord sooner or later (I do think this is very cool “little” project / game :).

Regards, Sean


Side note: The link to the RSI-Editor in the pinned “Information and FAQ” thread is a 404. (since this place seems pretty low-traffic - I’m sure the discord is quite different :stuck_out_tongue: - not too relevant perhaps, but thought I’d point it out).