Reddington Unban Appeal - Unknown Reason

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SS14 account username: Reddington
Ban reason: "rule 0 permaban speedrun world champion 
Date of ban: Unknown
Length of ban: Permanant
Events leading to the ban: I honestly do not remember, it must have been over a year ago when this ban was issued. I however have read the rules of various servers in an attempt to ensure whatever I did, I do not do it again.
Reason the ban should be removed: It has been such a long time, and I honestly just wish to play the game peacefully and have some fun in the roleplays. I apologize for an issues I might have caused in the past, and it is certainly not my intention of committing and form of rulebreaks again in the future. I feel like the ban reason doesn’t help me understand what I have done wrong either, and if I could have a constructive dialogue to understand where I went wrong, I can ensure that it does not happen again.

To supplement: For some reason this is also a ban reason? I do not remember advising anyone to not allowing me to put in an unban appeal.


These are ban reasons from two servers that are independent of each other, we only handle Wizard’s Den bans

The Wizard’s Den ban is not appealable, the other ban is unrelated to Wizard’s Den

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