Reduce occurrence of new Meteor Storm events

I know the update to Meteors was pushed maybe only a day ago, but the current state of them is crazy. A couple of rounds of meteors can deal damage near to that of a rod. Playing Engineering has gone from the occasional patching up of bombings or events to a constant struggle of keeping the station semi-functional and not completely spaced. Either Meteors need to be about the commonality of the rod, or just be way less destructive.


Agreed that some kind of adjustment should be made, I assume you were also just on Vulture? (I believe it was vulture anyway) We only had a couple meteor events that round but their new destruction made them a game mode unto themselves. One hit the particle accelerator dead on, one nearly took out the quartermaster and ATS, and though it didn’t it still spaced cargo and caused significant damage.

To be clear, I actually love this and I love the change, but I think it’s presenting a problem because of how easily damaged so many critical parts of current stations are by the new behavior of larger meteors. I’m not sure exactly what the right change here is, I don’t want meteors to be less destructive, maybe a hardcoded cooldown before another meteor event has the possibility of being rolled? Someone in post chat mentioned that on a server in 13, meteors were their own game mode so you weren’t also fighting sabotage and nukies while dealing with these sorts of messes.

Only a day or two ago played a round with what felt like non-stop meteors, I wasn’t counting but genuinely immediately after fixing up the holes an engineer would say “I can’t deal with any more meteors” and then more came in, it may seriously have been around or over 10 separate meteor events in the same shift. If that occured with this new behavior the station would’ve been swiss cheese well beyond our ability to repair within half an hour or less.

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If I were pressed to come up with a solution, I would say this:

Make sure locations are reasonably randomized

Add an anti meteor defense system that can protect limited areas

Reduce their occurrence dramatically. (The rate you mentioned feels about right. About two in a round where they are common.)


They are way too frequent and patching them constantly gets old very quickly.

The space is vast, and the probability of a small object, such as a meteor, colliding with a space station is very low. Meteor showers consist of particles that, although numerous, are spread out over large volumes of space.

For example, let’s take the ISS. If a larger piece of debris or a potentially dangerous meteor is detected, the station can perform maneuvers to avoid collisions.

In summary, while the presence of meteors in space is a reality, the combination of vast distances, adequate protection, and continuous monitoring makes the risk of a meteor shower hitting a space station extremely low.

To be clear, I think that if

  • It is always possible to recover from a meteor shower (even if not always practical)
  • Meteor showers were fairly rare, and you could get on with your game once the damage is addressed

they could be an interesting addition to the game. Especially if I ever get around to working on getting the game ready for a station-reuse fork. The meteors do give us an excuse to go to areas we don’t normally go to repair them.

It’s just a real problem if you can’t catch a break from the repairs to do anything else.