Remove or nerf the "steal x stamps" objective

I am pretty sure we all agree at this objective is, putting it simple, impossible. I think there is not even enough stamps in the station for get +12 stamps and there is no way no how you can steal all the stamps when you need to steal from all heads, lawyers, mime, clown, det and chap (or break into all their offices) and no get caught without insane luck or a 3 hour round (impossible in lrp).
This objective either needs to be hard nerfed, changed to “steal head stamp/s” or straight up be removed.

Added space-station-14

This objective would mesh really well with the “antags get to choose objectives with assigned threat levels” idea, with stamps being one of the most difficult thieves can access. Otherwise, I call for it being nerfed to heads/non-heads, or both as separate objectives.

I fully endorse this idea.
Having tiers (and maybe small TC rewards) for objectives would make more stealth syndies possible.

I think that’s similar to the concept of threat level for traitors in ss13 (or /tg at least). When you do objectives, you get some bonus TC and your threat level increases along with increasing passively over time, and the more threat level you have, the more powerful tools you gain access to, as well as the higher threat level increase and TC reward for your objectives. Personally I like the system (but then again I’d be fine with just shoving everything from /tg into ss14 lol)