Remove ratking's crown

Ratking is not a powerful antag for deserve a validhunter trophy. Since this crown was added and the blood was nerfed ratking became unplayable. Even if you become cap’s pet all it takes is a single validhunter dead IN SELF DEFENSE and sec will kill you, and that is if they don’t just shot on sight while ratking is talking (literal nrp behavior). Either make ratking a actual powerful antag or remove the crown.

I’ve been pondering on ratking on my own for a bit and this exact thought crossed my mind. The pros/cons of ratkings heavily skew towards killing them for crew, and while the crown is purely cosmetic it is by its design a highly sought-after item.

The core issue doesn’t seem to be the crown itself though. It’s that ratkings are too easy to get on crew’s bad side. Like you said, the issue of having a crown-hungry validhunter isn’t the validhunter itself, it’s that Security won’t even bother asking about what happened before opening fire. And why should they?

Reasons to not keep a ratking on the station:

  • Food gets eaten
  • Extremely high burst damage enemy if ratking initiates combat
  • Hard to track
  • Potential to destroy stuff in the environment
  • Nice crown

Reasont to keep a ratking on the station:

  • You get a capable burst damage fighter at your disposal
    • (That gets shut down hard by spaced areas)
    • (And is terrible at prolonged combat)
    • (And has no comms)
    • (And might get attacked by a random crew member)
    • (And also might betray you at any second)
    • (And the stronger it is, the more dangerous that betrayal is)

The ratking is not syngergistic with crew in the slighest, so it’s no wonder crew don’t want to keep them around. And since ratkings are so snowball-y and benefit from striking first, there’s incentive to kill them on sight.

I don’t think removing the crown will solve the ratking issue, personally. I’d rather see ratkings be given some new feature that allows them to assist crew that isn’t inherently tied to their ability to turn on a dime and maul them.

Idk maybe the ratking’s disposals bin search could turn up items actually useful for crew. Or the ratking is able to sniff out invisible loot nodes in maints that spawns some high-value item crew would like.


Yea, I’d love to see more done with the rat king being neutral rather than an antag.
Skeletons have the ability of “basically an entire normal remember”.
Whiles ratkings? They have basically no crew sided ability’s besides sometimes finding the occasional bar of gold