Repo - Sosa: Allowed roundstalling/exploit tactics


I believe it was round #32221 on Lizard.

I didn’t think I’d need to detail how unfair it is to allow for an entire locker’s worth of contents to be on one’s person - both HoS and captain immediately ran onto cargo shuttle and started “looking for the nukie ship to nuke it” while not 1 of the Nukies were dead yet and still actively slaughtering the station. Roundstalling aside, as I’m sure they were eventually talked to, a blatant excusing of bug exploits, even if there is a PR up to fix them, at the very least is disconcerting.

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If you want I can edit the last paragraph out for you. Do you want this complaint thread made public once it’s been handled?

Yes, thank you, please edit it and please delete my second reply alongside this one - I don’t want to harp/drag on or dilute the complaint with unnecessary info. Yes, you can make it public.

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Thank you for your complaint. I’ve concluded investigating it with the following findings and resulting actions:


  1. There appeared to be an ahelp volume above what could be managed at the time of the incident resulting in the complaint.
  2. The captain was contacted and warned for round stalling.
  3. Actions were taken to prevent the round from stalling, including revealing the nuke location to the nukies via ahelp after a large portion of the crew had abandoned the station.
  4. While it appears that the handling of the situation may have been too lenient, the leniency was at least partially the result of a recent complaint about the admin which is still being processed.
  5. The fulton bug was being abused by the captain in a way that interfered with nuclear operatives completing their objective.
  6. The captain was not sufficiently warned for abusing a bug.
  7. The abuse of the fulton bug by the HoS was not investigated.
  8. Fultons were relatively new at the time, and an effort was made to determine how the behavior should be responded to.
  9. A reasonable interpretation of the complainant’s ahelp exchange was that the fulton bug being used was acceptable because it did not interfere with pinpointers and that there would be no related admin action.
  10. Ahelp contact was used to mitigate the impact of the fulton bug.

Resulting Actions

  1. Dead chat messages from a party not involved in this complaint were found and were reviewed, resulting in a temporary game ban.
  2. An admin message thread was created to ensure the bug abuse by the captain and reported bug abuse by the HoS is handled however would be appropriate based on their histories.
  3. Repo was informed of the finding of this complaint, including that the ahelp exchange with the complainant made it appear that they were allowing use of the bug.